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28 September 2008

Dark Wallpapers

These are Dark Wallpapers of resolution 1024 X 768. For more wallpapers of higher resolution, stay glued. If you want any specific kind of wallpapers, do not forget to leave a comment for the same. Till then Enjoy these !!!!


21 September 2008

High Resolution Anna Kornikova Walls

Hello visitors, after huge demand for High Resolution Anna Kournikova Wallpapers, I have posted the First set of these. These are 1280 X 960 resolution. I will be posting more High resolution Wallpapers soon. You can also see Anna walls here, if you missed them earlier.


14 September 2008

Ashwariya Rai Mix Wallpapers

Click On Images To Enlarge and Save as Wallpapers
Make your desktop look more beautiful with these Ashwariya Rai Wallpapers. These are 1024 X 768 Size, the most widely used screen resolution today. If your screen resolution is higher, Please leave a comment telling us the Screen resolution and the type of wallpapers you are looking for.


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